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2021-10-30 - In memory of Willow
2021-10-28 - In memory of Willow
2020-07-19 - Gary and Willow at BVR
2020-03-01 - Gary tries to sleep despite having to share his seat with Willow and Jody
2020-02-29 - Gary and Willow romp in the snow on antelope island
2020-02-28 - Gary and Willow on a morning walk
2020-02-26 - Alli and Willow visit. Here is a preview
2019-07-30 - Gary wades and Willow wallows
2019-07-29 - Gary and Willow are pretty on their morning walk
2019-07-28 - Gary assumes the position while Willow explores
2019-07-27 - Gary and Willow bring crazy to the Uintas
2019-07-26 - Snow!!! Gary and Willow go wild!
2019-01-01 - Gary and Willow stare out into the snowy landscape
2018-11-09 - Gary and Willow go wild in the frosty desert grass
2018-11-06 - Gary runs chewing a stick and Willow lays down to eat hers
2018-11-05 - Gary prances around with his stick on a walk with Willow
2018-05-04 - Gary and Willow gaze across the Mesa at BVR
2018-05-01 - Gary and Willow want to go with
2018-04-30 - Gary enjoys a dip at Boulder Valley Ranch with Willow
2018-03-08 - Gary and Willow play in crust
2018-03-02 - Doggie lovin for Gary and Willow
2018-02-28 - Gary and Willow relax on the drive home from a wog
2018-01-08 - Bonus - Willow is sad about the black dirt streak on her face from Gary kicking
2018-01-05 - Gary and Willow stare pensively out over BVR
2017-08-21 - Gary and Willow romp into the sunset
2017-08-08 - Gary and Willow assume the normal position
2017-07-20 - Gary enjoy a long nap after all the Willow fun
2017-07-17 - Gary and Willow playing king of the bed
2017-05-13 - Willow immediately regrets her invite for a play date
2017-05-04 - Gary and Willow trucking along the anemone trail
2017-05-03 - Gary and Willow take their squirrel patrol job seriously
2017-04-26 - Gary and Willow celebrate Garys adoption anniversary
2017-04-09 - Gary and Willow snuggle up after a hike
2017-04-06 - Gary and Willow having a ball romance
2017-04-01 - Gary and Willow share a window
2017-03-19 - Very happy Gary and Willow
2017-03-01 - Willow taunts Gary with a toy
2017-02-25 - Gary and Willow get their play on
2016-05-06 - Another visit with Alli and Willow
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