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2023-01-25 - Gary over compensates for something with this giant stick
2023-01-21 - Proud stick holder
2022-12-24 - Gary is excited to get a big Christmas stick
2022-11-08 - Stick tug
2022-10-05 - Gary finds a good stick
2022-09-15 - Gary gets all the dogs at Dog lake crazy over this big stick
2022-08-08 - Gary swims for a stick in Ruth lake
2022-06-18 - Gary plays stick tug with Ryan at the crag
2022-06-11 - Gary teaches Fern how to play the big stick game
2022-05-26 - Gary mid-bark playing the stick game
2022-04-25 - Gary scores a big stick
2022-04-23 - Gary's idea of playing stick
2022-01-19 - Gary plays snow stick on his morning walk
2021-12-30 - Gary and Fern play stick tug
2021-12-03 - Gary gets his stick chomp on.
2021-11-13 - Gary plays with a stick on the beach
2021-10-24 - Gary and Phoebe enjoy a stick
2021-09-04 - Gary and Ryan play stick at one of the rainbow lakes
2021-08-24 - Gary frollicks to me to play stick tug
2021-07-15 - Gary tears apart a stick at jordanelle
2021-03-29 - Gary-stare willing me.to throw the stick
2021-02-05 - Gary finds a stick on his morning romp
2021-01-28 - Gary on a beeline home with a good stick
2021-01-25 - Gary plays snow stick on a ridge hike
2021-01-14 - Gary finds a good stick
2020-12-12 - Gary eats a stick while Ryan cuts a tree
2020-11-19 - Gary works to get his stick out of the tree
2020-10-26 - Happy Gary morning. Snow, leaves and sticks!
2020-09-26 - Gary stops for some stick play during a hike in the uintas
2020-08-19 - Poor quality because of the shade, but this is Gary mid-fox-stomp on that log/stick he is standing on.
2020-08-10 - Gary waits for the people to play with this stick.
2020-08-04 - Don't you want to play with this stick with me?
2020-07-02 - Weekend flash forward: Gary is excited about this fallen tree he considers a stick
2020-04-18 - Gary gets stuck on a stick
2020-01-13 - Gary harvests a gnarly stick
2019-12-09 - Stick
2019-12-02 - Gary's best day -- Spooner just holds the end of the stick for hours
2019-10-18 - Gary and Spooner share a stick
2019-09-27 - Vaca throwback - Gary gets ambitious with his stick selection
2019-09-11 - Gary sleeps off sedation after having his left index fingernail removed after splitting it open playing stick the day before
2019-08-20 - Gary waits at the stick store
2019-08-14 - Gary and Spooner in a game of stick tug
2019-08-06 - Gary goes stick crazy on the Bowman fork trail
2019-07-22 - Gary and Fern play stick tug on a morning walk
2019-07-19 - Gary enjoys Matt's yard while imbibing in stick
2019-07-15 - Gary and Fern play stick tug
2019-07-05 - Gary runs uphill during a stick-fetch
2019-06-29 - Gary almost loses the handle on this big ass stick
2019-06-11 - Gary and his stick in the grass
2019-05-31 - Gary browses the stick pile
2019-02-12 - Gary finds his stick after a long desperate search
2019-01-24 - Gary finds a stick in his old hood
2018-11-26 - Gary works to get his big stick through a technical section
2018-11-14 - Gary prances with his stick find during a dawn walk
2018-11-12 - Gary found a stick for the block wall
2018-11-06 - Gary runs chewing a stick and Willow lays down to eat hers
2018-11-05 - Gary prances around with his stick on a walk with Willow
2018-09-11 - Gary chomps mucky reservoir sticks til dusk
2018-08-25 - Gary enjoys a break in the hike for some stick
2018-08-20 - Gary waits for a stick to be thrown from the bridge in the dog park
2018-07-23 - Gary will clean up sticks at the old house though. He may prefer the old neighborhood
2018-07-22 - Gary would not help drag sticks to the dumpster
2018-07-06 - Gary chases a stick
2018-07-04 - Gary doesn't go for the little sticks. Always up for a challenge - posted by Amanda
2018-04-17 - Gary plays snow stick just days after mountain biking in the desert
2018-04-10 - Sticks make Gary a happy boy
2018-03-22 - Gary sneaks in a stick
2018-02-10 - Gary carried this stick for over an hour
2017-12-14 - Gary loves his bed almost as much as sticks
2017-12-13 - Gary has a favorite time of day. That is anytime of day that involves sticks and outside
2017-09-18 - Gary and Tiga enjoy a stick. Thanks for the hospitality Julie and Ken
2017-09-16 - Stick tug spices up the hike to lake Helen
2017-09-02 - Gary takes the stick game to a new level at dawn up near Bogus Basin
2017-08-09 - Gary waits impatiently for stick throwing to begin
2017-07-13 - The huge stick theme continues
2017-07-12 - Gary finds a huge stick and carries it for miles
2017-06-30 - Gary loves sticks
2017-06-29 - Gary doesnt agree with the attempt to use that great stick as a stick clip
2017-06-02 - Gary takes off after a stick - that you can see in the middle of the picture
2017-05-17 - Gary warms up to the idea of entering the creek for his stick
2017-05-12 - When all the sticks in the world are not enough
2017-05-05 - Gary retrieves his stick
2017-04-24 - Gary and Piper both want this stick
2017-03-25 - Gary sprints through the snow with a stick
2017-03-13 - Gary and Hurley enjoy one stick
2017-03-04 - Gary looks for sticks
2017-01-18 - Gary enjoys a freshly cut stick at Mota wall
2016-12-01 - Gary politely asks for the stick to be thrown
2016-10-23 - Gary makes a stick out of a root
2016-10-04 - Gary chews the stick he makes me hold
2016-08-18 - Gary and Rubys big stick
2016-07-27 - Gary gets a stick
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