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2021-12-29 - Gary sneaks away for a lunchtime ridge hike with Spooner
2021-07-10 - Gary, Spooner and Rachel in the flowers on the mid mountain trail
2021-06-21 - Gary and Spooner go for a ride in the van
2021-05-29 - Gary goes on a hike with Spooner
2020-11-18 - Gary and Thaddeus digging a hole under Spooner's bed
2020-11-16 - Gary and Spooner pose for a treat
2020-11-13 - Spooner supervises while Gary digs
2020-11-08 - Gary and Spooner on a windy rainy ridge hike
2020-08-28 - Gary and Spooner enjoy Fishbowl Lake with the Rachel and Thaddeus.
2020-08-12 - Gary and Spooner wait for Rachel at the junction
2020-06-18 - Gary gets a frosty morning ride with Rachel and no Spooner. A good Gary day
2020-05-11 - Gary and Spooner hang out with ball
2020-04-02 - Gary and Spooner romp in the snow
2020-02-07 - Gary gets a Fri morning adventure wog with Spooner
2020-01-25 - Gary goes skiing with Rye and Spooner
2020-01-02 - Gary looks for Rachel and Spooner on the bench
2019-12-02 - Gary's best day -- Spooner just holds the end of the stick for hours
2019-11-21 - Gary and Spooner lay ball tug
2019-11-16 - Spooner poses for a treat and Gary wonders why we stopped jogging
2019-10-22 - Gary relaxes with a stinky eye while Spooner just relaxes
2019-10-18 - Gary and Spooner share a stick
2019-10-16 - Gary and Spooner on a morning walk
2019-10-05 - Gary and Spooner trying to camoflauge themselves in the fall leaves
2019-08-23 - Gary and Spooner chillin' in the grass
2019-08-17 - Gary and Spooner enjoy a sunset dinner on the beach
2019-08-16 - Gary and Spooner meet Suzie and her friends for a walk
2019-08-14 - Gary and Spooner in a game of stick tug
2019-08-09 - Gary and Spooner pose for a picture on a wog behind bloods lake
2019-05-27 - Gary, Spooner and a new friend rip around in the snow at the grandeur summit
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