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2023-01-23 - Gary and Fern happily share a snow ball snack break on the way up the ridge
2023-01-11 - Gary wears a snow pendant on his morning walk
2023-01-03 - Gary catches up on a very snowy morning walk
2023-01-01 - Gary is stoked for snow
2022-11-02 - It's snowball catching brain freeze season!
2022-10-28 - Snow rolling on the first snowy jog this year
2022-10-23 - Gary is stoked to find snow on the drive home from red rocks
2022-07-30 - Gary finds snow overlooking the wind river range
2022-07-03 - Gary watches Ryan climb up the last steep snow to gain the ridge
2022-06-15 - Catching snowballs
2022-06-14 - Gary is happy to be up high in the snow
2022-05-31 - Gary is stoked there's snow up Bowman fork
2022-05-21 - Gary pounces around in the snow up Bowman fork
2022-05-16 - SNOW!!!!!
2022-05-11 - Gary plays in the snow at monarch pass
2022-03-19 - Gary catches snowballs on the ridge
2022-03-14 - Gary snowswims
2022-03-09 - Gary goes for a snowy jog
2022-03-08 - Gary's snowball collar
2022-03-07 - Gary his a happy boy in the snow
2022-03-01 - Muddy Gary stops to dig a snow.hole during a jog on pipeline
2022-02-22 - Gary on a snowy morning walk
2022-02-21 - Gary snowswims down the gully
2022-02-02 - Gary has a snow beard from his cold cold jog on pipeline
2022-01-31 - Gary stops for a snack of snow on his morning walk
2022-01-25 - Gary plays in the snow on the ridge
2022-01-23 - Gary the snowdigger
2022-01-19 - Gary plays snow stick on his morning walk
2022-01-11 - Gary the snowball destroyer
2022-01-03 - Gary is handsome snow loving pup
2021-12-21 - Gary catches a snowball
2021-12-15 - Gary swims through the deep snow in the gully
2021-12-13 - Gary is stoked for snow
2021-12-11 - Gary pounces the snow
2021-12-07 - Sunset walk out back after more snow
2021-12-06 - Gary enjoys the snow
2021-12-02 - First deep snow of the year
2021-12-01 - FINALLY. Snow to lick off the porch.
2021-11-05 - Gary eats snow in CA
2021-10-15 - Gary enjoys more October vert and a tiny bit of snow on the ridge
2021-09-07 - Gary is stoked to play in the snow near lake Isabelle
2021-07-04 - Gary frollicks in the snow on a jog to island lake
2021-05-14 - Desparately eating the last of the snow
2021-05-06 - Gary gets a good snow roll at Brian Head ski resort
2021-04-12 - Gary destroys a snow boulder
2021-04-10 - Gary has fun running around on the steep snow up neffs canyon
2021-04-05 - Gary taking full advantage of the quickly melting snow
2021-04-04 - Gary catching snowballs at the snowy belay spot at stripe rock
2021-03-31 - Gary runs ahead to eat some of the last remaining snow on the ridge
2021-03-22 - Gary waits in the snow at City of Rocks
2021-03-18 - Gary's idea of a snow cone
2021-03-15 - Gary rolling in the snow on a ridge walk
2021-03-13 - Waaaahhhh snowwww!!!
2021-02-17 - Gary swims through the feet of new snow
2021-02-15 - Pretty boy in the snow
2021-02-12 - Gary on a snowy ridge walk
2021-02-06 - Gary ready to pounce on the drifted snow
2021-02-01 - Gary and spoons enjoying a snowy wog
2021-01-30 - Gary digs hard in the snow
2021-01-27 - Gary eats snow out of his water bowl. Oh happy day
2021-01-26 - Gary disappears in the snow and trees
2021-01-25 - Gary plays snow stick on a ridge hike
2021-01-12 - Gary rolls in the snow and likely something nasty
2020-11-05 - Gary is stoked to be snoovering the snow. Finally!
2020-11-04 - Gary wants to snoover more snow and check his hole
2020-10-26 - Happy Gary morning. Snow, leaves and sticks!
2020-10-09 - Gary gets to go on a snowy jog to dog lake
2020-07-03 - Gary is stoked to be catching snowballs in the fresh mountain air
2020-06-10 - Gary goes snow crazy while the rest of the pack roles or wanders around
2020-05-28 - Gary gets snow near Gobblers Nob
2020-04-06 - Gary catches snowballs or is that a cloud?!
2020-04-05 - Snowplay on a hike up mt grandeur
2020-04-02 - Gary and Spooner romp in the snow
2020-03-27 - Gary gets a bike ride in the snow. It's a good Gary day
2020-03-25 - Gary loves a snowy morning walk
2020-03-15 - Gary stomps the snow on his first backyard walk in weeks
2020-02-29 - Gary and Willow romp in the snow on antelope island
2020-02-27 - Gary uphill snow swimming
2020-02-12 - Gary wonders where the snow went
2020-02-11 - Gary is excited to hit snow despite his sheople's desire to find dry trails
2020-02-05 - Why the snowy face?
2020-02-04 - Gary cozies himself in a snowy nook to supervise shoveling
2020-01-30 - Gary goes snow-swimming
2020-01-23 - Gary neck deep in a snowhole
2020-01-22 - Gary attacks the wet balling snow in the gully
2020-01-17 - Gary catches snow balls
2020-01-14 - Gary goes some new snow on his nose and a filter treatment
2019-12-20 - Gary plays in the snow on a pretty morning walk
2019-12-18 - Gary the snow digger
2019-12-13 - Gary. Snow. Hole. Crazy.
2019-12-12 - Gary the manic snow digger
2019-11-08 - Gary's goal is always to reach the snowline
2019-11-01 - Gary spends his walk time eating as much snow as possible
2019-10-28 - Gary wanted to send a snowy mountain picture to his nannie
2019-10-27 - A happy day in Garyland - snow!!!
2019-09-30 - Gary is stoked to be running at biking speed in the cold with snow
2019-09-19 - Gary puts all he has into catching snowballs
2019-09-17 - Gary was not willing to leave the snow
2019-07-26 - Snow!!! Gary and Willow go wild!
2019-07-09 - Snowball gulping at Ruth lake crag
2019-05-27 - Gary, Spooner and a new friend rip around in the snow at the grandeur summit
2019-04-16 - Gary puts bite marks in Ryan's shoe playing his snow and shoe biting game
2019-03-26 - Now that the snow is gone from the stairs, Gary assumes the neighborhood supervisory position
2019-03-22 - Gary stops to play in the rapidly melting snow in the gully
2019-03-17 - Gary and Ryan play attack the snowball
2019-03-15 - Gary pretends to be a snow trawler
2019-02-24 - Something happened in all this disturbed snow at the saddle behind the house
2019-02-20 - Gary and Ryan play a game of snowball catch on the ridge
2019-02-19 - We went for a jog in the snow
2019-02-06 - Gary's too busy sniffing for deer to shake the snow off that Ryan dumped on him
2019-02-05 - Jody and Gary go for a snowy wog
2019-02-02 - Gary takes a break from the hike to rip around in the snow
2019-01-02 - Gary sometimes just likes to eat snow
2019-01-01 - Gary and Willow stare out into the snowy landscape
2018-11-29 - Gary runs in the snow
2018-11-18 - Snowball time of year again
2018-11-04 - Gary goes wild for snow
2018-10-10 - Gary gets some low-elevation snow on a backyard hike
2018-10-07 - Gary goes wild on a snowy wog to dog lake
2018-06-24 - SNOW its SNOW theres SNOW wooooo SNOW
2018-04-17 - Gary plays snow stick just days after mountain biking in the desert
2018-04-12 - Gary and Jody on their way back from a snowy jog up Mill Creek
2018-03-18 - Gary gobbles snowballs
2018-03-13 - Gary's favorite thing is a morning walk on trails with his ball. The only way it could be better is if there was snow
2018-02-19 - Gary enjoys the fresh snow
2018-02-18 - Gary does not get how the greatest snow on Earth translates to hiking at 8200 feet
2018-02-17 - A snowy hike followed by a muddy mountain bike ride makes for a lazy afternoon
2018-02-03 - The only way this day could be better for Gary is there was snow
2018-01-26 - Every day in the snow is a good day for Gary
2018-01-25 - Gary is very serious about his snow digging
2018-01-24 - Gary goes plaid when jogs include snow
2018-01-20 - Gary loves playing hide and go seek with a ball in the snow
2018-01-01 - Gary doing the snow pounce
2017-10-06 - Gary stops his run for a snow play break and scenic view
2017-09-15 - Snowy day up on Cory Pass in Banff National Park
2017-08-13 - Gary wants to bushwhack to that snow
2017-05-14 - Gary loves snowballs
2017-04-15 - Gary waits patiently while we stop to enjoy the view of the snowy indian peaks
2017-04-04 - Gary loves snow
2017-03-25 - Gary sprints through the snow with a stick
2017-03-19 - Bonus - Gary loves snow more than even tennis balls
2016-05-07 - Snow day
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