Inner toast.
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2022-12-08 - Gary chills with his uncle Jazz
2018-12-03 - Gary and Jazz would like to go outside
2018-05-27 - Jazz finally gives in and plays ball-tug with Gary
2018-05-25 - Gary and Jazz vie for window space on the way back from Antelope Island
2018-05-22 - Uncle Jazz and Gary share
2018-05-21 - Gary tries to will Jazz into the creek
2017-10-31 - Gary and Jazz get new toys for Halloween
2017-10-28 - Gary and Jazz finally worn out, but Gary still has the energy to be a dick about the ball
2017-06-23 - Gary did nothing interesting today so here is a picture of Jazz
2017-02-23 - Gary drags Jazz across the floor
2016-10-19 - Gary loves the puppy left behind by Jazz
2016-10-08 - Gary and Jazz FINALLY tired
2016-10-07 - Gary can not leave anyone alone - here he pesters jazz and gramps while they nap
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