Inner toast.
2023-02-02 - Gary runs back after a little solo adventure
2023-01-28 - Gary is excavating yet another hole in the gulley
2023-01-27 - Gary runs down the gulley
2023-01-26 - Gary gives up on waiting for an early walk
2023-01-25 - Gary over compensates for something with this giant stick
2023-01-24 - You go check. No, you go. No, you. You.
2023-01-23 - Gary and Fern happily share a snow ball snack break on the way up the ridge
2023-01-22 - Gary wonders what his deer friends are up to
2023-01-21 - Proud stick holder
2023-01-20 - Dogs get the rips in the gully
2023-01-19 - Pretty day and a pretty boy
2023-01-18 - Gary is very afraid of something in this row of plants at Cactus and Tropicals
2023-01-17 - Gary checks his hole with Fern
2023-01-16 - Gary glowing on his morning walk
2023-01-15 - Gary and Fern go for a cold wog on Frary peak
2023-01-14 - Gary carries this deer leg about 3 miles from behind the house and up and around the ridge
2023-01-13 - Gary takes Fern on his morning walk
2023-01-12 - Happy boy on a run on pipeline
2023-01-11 - Gary wears a snow pendant on his morning walk
2023-01-10 - Gary on his morning walk
2023-01-09 - Sleepy after skiing on Sunday
2023-01-08 - Gary goes skiing in Porter fork
2023-01-07 - Gary sniffs around in the cave
2023-01-06 - Gary goes for a jog with his sheople on pipeline!!
2023-01-05 - Gary scores a treat on the trail
2023-01-04 - Gary takes an afternoon snooze
2023-01-03 - Gary catches up on a very snowy morning walk
2023-01-02 - Gary hates his coat
2023-01-01 - Gary is stoked for snow
2022-12-31 - Gary gets to "dig in" the new year on grandeur summit
2022-12-30 - Cute boy
2022-12-29 - Gary wears his bling
2022-12-28 - Gary stares out at two coyotes across the way
2022-12-27 - Gary "gets the crazy out" during a jog on the desolation trail
2022-12-26 - Gary goes wild on his first porter fork road ski of the season
2022-12-25 - Gary opens his Christmas present
2022-12-24 - Gary is excited to get a big Christmas stick
2022-12-23 - Gary poses in front of the bunny cave
2022-12-22 - Play with me!!
2022-12-20 - Gary's sheople are finally back. First morning walk!
2022-12-08 - Gary chills with his uncle Jazz
2022-12-07 - Gary is very patient with Reo who likes to play with Gary's tail. Gary is clearly not super comfortable
2022-12-06 - Gary and Reo checking each other out
2022-12-05 - Gary gets a drink in the only alligator free water around
2022-12-03 - Gary spots an alligator on his short jog waiting for Ryan to finish 50 miles
2022-12-02 - Gary playing in bed
2022-11-28 - Sunrise walk from our vamping spot up Flagstaff
2022-11-23 - Gary plays "find it" on his morning walk
2022-11-21 - After keeping his sheople up all night Gary gets to sleep the day away
2022-11-20 - Stalking at the door
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