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2020-12-04 - Gary is perplexed about the hole in the door
2020-11-18 - Gary and Thaddeus digging a hole under Spooner's bed
2020-11-17 - Rachel captures a wild hole hunter by the name of Gary
2020-11-15 - Rachel tales Gary to visit his hole
2020-11-04 - Gary wants to snoover more snow and check his hole
2020-11-02 - Gary is super excited about his hole. It is likely that the photographer just said "how is your hole, buddy?"
2020-09-29 - Gary has added a third hole to the herd
2020-09-27 - Gary suns himself near his hole
2020-09-10 - Gary is confused by this different kind of hole
2020-09-05 - Gary manages his hole at came one morning (pre 07-SEP)
2020-08-06 - Gary enjoys a beach day in the best way he can: holes.
2020-07-11 - Gary heads to his hole during the wild fire
2020-06-15 - Gary manages his hole in the new Garadise
2020-06-07 - Gary cools off in a pothole on the circle O trail
2020-05-26 - Gary enjoys the holes buried under all the new growth
2020-05-05 - Gary shows that hole whose boss
2020-04-23 - If there is a hole being modified, Gary will always help
2020-04-17 - Gary tries to convince his sheeple that this hole is very important
2020-03-29 - Gary's dream camp- holes holes everywhere
2020-02-15 - Gary finds a comfy pothole to nap in after his bike ride
2020-02-03 - Gary swims up the stairs to dog out his hole
2020-02-02 - Look. Another hole. Surprising
2020-02-01 - Gary begs to be asked about his hole
2020-01-23 - Gary neck deep in a snowhole
2020-01-08 - Gary pauses his hole sniffing
2020-01-07 - Gary poses with his holes
2019-12-26 - Gary stares creepily at his hole
2019-12-13 - Gary. Snow. Hole. Crazy.
2019-12-07 - The competition for the hole management grows
2019-10-03 - Gary stares down from his second hole in the weeds
2019-09-20 - Gary is missing his hole
2019-09-07 - The hole obsession continues into the night
2019-07-24 - Oh Gary. Your hole obsession might be going too far
2019-07-23 - Gary finds a new hole
2019-07-20 - Night shot of Gary at his hole
2019-07-18 - Gary teaches Fern the importance of the hole
2019-06-23 - Thaddeus takes a break from scraping to play in Gary's hole
2019-04-04 - Gary finds another exciting hole
2019-03-20 - Because of the strong instinctual drive to manage his flock of holes, Gary ignores the deer 20 feet up the hill
2019-02-26 - Gary spent the whole 5 mile jog running around with Shadow and Rob while Ryan tried to keep up
2019-02-18 - Gary assumes his position at his hole
2019-02-16 - Gary goes nuts for his other hole
2019-01-28 - Gary gets help with his hole
2019-01-06 - Gary redigs his hole
2018-11-20 - Trying to teach Gary to be less of an asshole
2018-11-17 - Gary is getting more obsessed with his hole
2018-11-03 - Gary shows Alli the hole
2018-10-30 - Where is Gary... If you have to ask, he is managing a hole
2018-10-26 - It is obvious Gary was worrying about his hole while on a jog
2018-10-24 - Gary is coocoo for his hole
2018-10-21 - Gary excavates his hole
2018-10-19 - Gary excavates a hole at the elementary school
2018-10-02 - Gary obsesses over the hole
2018-09-27 - Gary explores a hole in the backyard
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