Inner toast.
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2020-07-14 - Gary snoozes at the crag with ...shock horror... Fern
2020-05-30 - Gary bravely shows Fern that being in boats is scary but possible
2020-04-26 - Gary goes on a hike up mt Olympus with Nate, Emylee and Fern
2019-09-01 - Gary races fern down the creek
2019-08-30 - Gary and fern get the rips
2019-07-22 - Gary and Fern play stick tug on a morning walk
2019-07-21 - Gary and Fern finally play
2019-07-18 - Gary teaches Fern the importance of the hole
2019-07-15 - Gary and Fern play stick tug
2019-06-07 - Gary's forced into playing with sweet Fern
2019-06-05 - Gary and Fern nap after a hot afternoon walk
2019-06-04 - Gary and Fern did play for a minute before Gary told her no
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