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2020-07-03 - Gary is stoked to be catching snowballs in the fresh mountain air
2020-06-12 - Gary snoozes with his best friend ball
2020-05-11 - Gary and Spooner hang out with ball
2020-04-25 - Tucker wants the ball
2020-04-12 - Gary plays ball-tug in the park
2020-04-06 - Gary catches snowballs or is that a cloud?!
2020-01-22 - Gary attacks the wet balling snow in the gully
2020-01-17 - Gary catches snow balls
2019-11-21 - Gary and Spooner lay ball tug
2019-10-23 - Gary is ball crazy
2019-09-19 - Gary puts all he has into catching snowballs
2019-08-24 - Gary is serious about swimming for his ball
2019-07-09 - Snowball gulping at Ruth lake crag
2019-05-09 - Gary wasn't ready to come in after playing ball tug, so he waited at the bottom of the stairs let ng enough to need to rest his head on the stairs
2019-04-10 - Gary demands ball time after dinner
2019-03-24 - Gary demonstrates the ball-stare
2019-03-17 - Gary and Ryan play attack the snowball
2019-03-08 - Gary does the new park thing. Laying with his ball
2019-03-04 - Gary's obsession with the cold air return means another lost ball
2019-02-20 - Gary and Ryan play a game of snowball catch on the ridge
2019-01-19 - Gary looks for his ball in the deep front yard
2018-11-18 - Snowball time of year again
2018-10-22 - Gary takes a nap with his ball
2018-10-11 - Gary takes a ball play break on his morning walk
2018-09-18 - Gary loves on his new ball. Which is the same as his old ball
2018-09-15 - Gary and his new ball enjoy the park together
2018-08-10 - Gary and his shadow wait for someone to throw the ball
2018-07-30 - Gary is reluctant to hunt for his ball in the ancient holly bushes
2018-05-30 - Gary peers frantically down to the ball he dropped over the side of the bridge
2018-05-27 - Jazz finally gives in and plays ball-tug with Gary
2018-05-18 - Gary demonstrates how not patient he is going for his morning ball-throwing
2018-05-15 - Gary waits at the ball throwing spot
2018-03-27 - Gary brought his ball-thrower to the park
2018-03-18 - Gary gobbles snowballs
2018-03-13 - Gary's favorite thing is a morning walk on trails with his ball. The only way it could be better is if there was snow
2018-02-08 - Gary loves ball so much, he sleeps with ball right on his nose
2018-01-31 - Gary and his ball
2018-01-20 - Gary loves playing hide and go seek with a ball in the snow
2018-01-18 - Garys new ball park with a big city backdrop
2017-12-29 - Gary hops for his ball at lake grapevine
2017-12-21 - Gary takes his ball playing seriously
2017-12-19 - Much care is needed when playing tug with a ball
2017-12-17 - Rain calls for creative ball throwing
2017-12-16 - Gary really loves playing ball more than anything else in the world
2017-11-20 - Gary is winning the staring contest with Ball
2017-11-17 - Someone lost their ball
2017-10-28 - Gary and Jazz finally worn out, but Gary still has the energy to be a dick about the ball
2017-06-14 - Gary loving his ball
2017-05-14 - Gary loves snowballs
2017-05-09 - Gary chomps on his ball as part of his morning exercise routine
2017-04-06 - Gary and Willow having a ball romance
2017-03-19 - Bonus - Gary loves snow more than even tennis balls
2017-02-19 - Gary guarding his ball
2017-02-11 - Gary lost his ball again
2017-02-08 - Gary is serious about chasing balls
2017-02-01 - Gary in the ever more frequent ball-obsess-mode
2017-01-22 - Gary sleeps cozily snuggling his ball
2017-01-14 - Gary is worn out from his market day and ball-throwing-walk
2017-01-03 - Gary refuses to bring the ball
2016-12-24 - Dom y Gary piensan los caballos eran guapos
2016-10-14 - Bonus - Gary is so serious about tennis balls he sleeps with them
2016-10-14 - Gary is serious about tennis balls
2016-09-02 - Gary contemplates returning the ball
2016-08-26 - Gary crouches for his ball
2016-08-22 - Gary waits for his ball
2016-07-10 - Bring me my ball
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