Inner toast.
2021-01-06 - What's taking you so long
2021-01-05 - Time to turn the Gary light off as the sun's coming up
2021-01-04 - Gary shows off the bone he found
2021-01-03 - Gary hides behind Ryan working on the rail as his enemy dogs pass on the street
2021-01-02 - Gary on a jog on Pipeline
2021-01-01 - Gary explores the rocky rib above the backyard crag
2020-12-31 - Handsome boy on the ridge
2020-12-30 - Rare Gary snuggles
2020-12-29 - Gary naps on his couch while Jody talks on the phone
2020-12-28 - Gary on a family jog on pipeline
2020-12-26 - Gary enjoys opening his Christmas present which includes a squeaky dinosaur and a dried duck neck
2020-12-26 - Gary gets prime rib scraps from the neighbors
2020-12-24 - Sweet Gary boy
2020-12-23 - Gary licks the cookie batter bowls
2020-12-22 - Gary out for his morning walk
2020-12-21 - Gary does not want to get his feet wet on this sadly super warm winter day
2020-12-20 - Jody massages Gary's butt muscles
2020-12-19 - Gary near Frairy Peak summit
2020-12-18 - Finally. Gary gets a Porter Fork Road lap
2020-12-17 - Gary doesn't agree with my standing around stretching after a jog
2020-12-16 - Gary encouraging sheople to run
2020-12-15 - Gary attacks his log
2020-12-14 - Gary herding his sheople
2020-12-13 - Pretty boy on his morning walk
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