Inner toast.
2020-09-06 - Gary, despite his facial expression in this picture, was not terribly unhappy on the return boat ride on Redfish Lake.
2020-09-05 - Gary manages his hole at came one morning (pre 07-SEP)
2020-09-04 - Gary tuckered out after a 6 hours "rest day" side hike
2020-09-03 - Gary takes a water break at Upper Baron Lake
2020-09-02 - A very brave chipmunk messed with Gary for about 20 minutes
2020-09-01 - Gary takes a break from the fun flow trails (this was Rip and Tear) at Galena Lodge in ID.
2020-08-31 - Gary explores the Braxton Lake drainage
2020-08-30 - Gary is again worn out. He isn't used to walking for 6-7 hours a day.
2020-08-29 - Someone will miss Gary when he leaves
2020-08-28 - Gary and Spooner enjoy Fishbowl Lake with the Rachel and Thaddeus.
2020-08-27 - Another dispatch from the future. Gary is unable to achieve "awake" for just oatmeal
2020-08-26 - Gary assumes the "manage the neighborhood" position
2020-08-25 - Gary enjoys the deck and new outside couch
2020-08-24 - Gary cozies up for a post mountain biking nap
2020-08-23 - Eat my dust baby!
2020-08-22 - Gary enjoys the soft fresh topsoil
2020-08-21 - Gary dines in the Garadise
2020-08-20 - Gary decides it is too hot to be upstairs.
2020-08-19 - Poor quality because of the shade, but this is Gary mid-fox-stomp on that log/stick he is standing on.
2020-08-18 - Gary, a time traveling dog, posts a picture from a week in the future. Here he relaxes in an undisclosed location in the Sawtooths
2020-08-17 - Gary is not happy with the recent SUP purchase
2020-08-16 - Gary keeps watch from the crag
2020-08-15 - Gary enjoys the swamp on the walk out from the crag at Ruth lake
2020-08-14 - Gary gets a kids crispy chicken sandwich and fries at Proper
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