Inner toast.
2020-12-15 - Gary attacks his log
2020-12-14 - Gary herding his sheople
2020-12-13 - Pretty boy on his morning walk
2020-12-12 - Gary eats a stick while Ryan cuts a tree
2020-12-11 - Gary on a jog on pipeline
2020-12-10 - Playtime
2020-12-09 - Gary asks to lick dinner plates
2020-12-08 - Gary always wants to play when he comes in. The pile of toys is the evidence
2020-12-07 - Gary does some shopping. Maskless
2020-12-06 - Gary snoozes after a short jog
2020-12-05 - Gary contemplates the frozen waterfall trail crossing
2020-12-04 - Gary is perplexed about the hole in the door
2020-12-03 - Just Gary. Out on a hike on Grandieur
2020-12-02 - Gary stalks me from the woods
2020-12-01 - Gary pretends to be a circus bear
2020-11-30 - Gary hides from the sun even in mid-40 degree temps
2020-11-29 - Gary is such a good boy. He turns away to not be tempted in taking a bit out of my pie
2020-11-28 - Gary goes for a jog at red rocks
2020-11-27 - Gary relaxes on the drive to our sleeping spot
2020-11-26 - Gary waits for his Thanksgiving turkey dinner
2020-11-25 - Gary loves bed
2020-11-24 - Gary gets his dirt on at the Brass Wall
2020-11-23 - Gary naps in the shade
2020-11-22 - The Gary Stare in action
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