Inner toast.
2021-02-28 - Must dig!
2021-02-27 - Why was Gary acting wiggy last night?
2021-02-26 - Gary enjoys pouncing and digging on a walk
2021-02-25 - Gary runs errands
2021-02-24 - Gary on a jog behind the U
2021-02-23 - Gary fits nicely in his freshly dug hole
2021-02-22 - Gary and Ryan enjoy the innards of the new van
2021-02-21 - Gary and Rye on a jog up dry creek
2021-02-19 - Gary cozies up on his couch
2021-02-18 - Gary sniffs up the hill for deer
2021-02-17 - Gary swims through the feet of new snow
2021-02-15 - Pretty boy in the snow
2021-02-14 - Gary gets a duck head
2021-02-13 - Gary's meatloaf cake
2021-02-13 - Gary goes skiing in Park City for his birthday
2021-02-13 - Gary opens his birthday present
2021-02-12 - Gary on a snowy ridge walk
2021-02-11 - Gary test rides another van
2021-02-10 - Dirty nosed dog
2021-02-09 - This is a very important hole! Let's dig!
2021-02-08 - Gary snoozes on Ryan's legs after a long day of house projects
2021-02-07 - Gary, jack and Layla in the back of the car after a Sunday run
2021-02-06 - Gary ready to pounce on the drifted snow
2021-02-05 - Gary finds a stick on his morning romp
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