Inner toast.
2022-05-21 - Gary pounces around in the snow up Bowman fork
2022-05-20 - Gary creeps through the grass at the high meadow
2022-05-19 - Gary on a backyard ridge hike
2022-05-18 - Gary in the balsamroot. His first backyard walk in a week and he's excited
2022-05-17 - Gary gets a cup of ice water from a stranger at the hot tomato
2022-05-16 - SNOW!!!!!
2022-05-15 - Gary enjoys hanging out at the creek in Buena Vista
2022-05-14 - Gary hangs out at the three amigos crag
2022-05-13 - Gary on a jog in Buena Vista
2022-05-12 - Milling around camp while Ryan packs climbing gear
2022-05-11 - Gary plays in the snow at monarch pass
2022-05-10 - Gary keeps an eye on the van from his morning walk at Hartman rocks
2022-05-09 - Gary monitors the comings and goings of the Gunnison coffee shop
2022-05-08 - Gary rips down the trail on a mountain bike ride in fruita
2022-05-07 - Gary looking majestic on a walk in fruita
2022-05-01 - Gary loves a good selfie on bike rides
2022-04-30 - Gary has a family photo at the wedge overlook after a day of climbing in Buckhorn wash
2022-04-29 - Gary the digger dog
2022-04-28 - Gary goes for a walk with the dogsitter
2022-04-27 - Gary waits for his family
2022-04-26 - Gary takes the dogsitter for a walk out back
2022-04-25 - Gary scores a big stick
2022-04-23 - Gary's idea of playing stick
2022-04-22 - Gary comes in from the rain
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