Inner toast.
2021-07-28 - Gary would like someone to throw his ball
2021-07-27 - Gary helps with planting
2021-07-26 - Gary waiting for snacks
2021-07-25 - Gary at a water stop on a group run at shingle creek
2021-07-23 - Gary plays in the water in Millcreek
2021-07-20 - Gary's favorite part of the day... Visiting and barking at his hole
2021-07-19 - Gary makes a pitstop at a hole on a jog to parleys
2021-07-18 - Gary naps on the way home from Ruth lake
2021-07-17 - Gary stops to wade in scout lake on a a jog from Ruth lake
2021-07-16 - Gary and Phoebe sniff around the quarry
2021-07-15 - Gary tears apart a stick at jordanelle
2021-07-13 - Gary dreams of ball workouts
2021-07-12 - Gary on a smoky walk to lamb's canyon
2021-07-10 - Gary, Spooner and Rachel in the flowers on the mid mountain trail
2021-07-09 - Gary on a pipeline run
2021-07-08 - Gary wants to run down the Bowman fork switchbacks
2021-07-07 - Throw my ball sheople
2021-07-06 - Gary wants to drive the van
2021-07-05 - Gary heads to the main wall at wild iris
2021-07-04 - Gary takes a moment to wade in one.of the lakes along our jog
2021-07-04 - Gary frollicks in the snow on a jog to island lake
2021-07-03 - Gary chills at wild iris crag
2021-07-02 - Gary is very excited about the antelope out there
2021-07-01 - Derp
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