Inner toast.
2022-07-31 - Gary goes backpacking with his sheople
2022-07-30 - Gary finds snow overlooking the wind river range
2022-07-29 - Flash ahead: Gary plays attack the log at camp
2022-07-27 - Right before Gary started scaredy barking at the creepy balloon being walked down the trail
2022-07-26 - Checking a hole
2022-07-25 - Gary helps dig a drain trench
2022-07-24 - Gary hits the top of 10420
2022-07-23 - Gary enjoys a hike up Neffs canyon
2022-07-22 - Gary goes for a pre work bike ride!
2022-07-21 - Gary says "let's go sheople"!
2022-07-19 - The hole stalk
2022-07-18 - Gary stops to cool off and play at scout lake
2022-07-17 - Gary gets the rips on his many lakes and marshes hike
2022-07-15 - Gary on his morning hike up the gully
2022-07-11 - Gary shows River his backyard trails
2022-07-10 - Gary and River on the ridge
2022-07-09 - Gary and River sleep on Jody's lap on the drive home from Ruth lake
2022-07-08 - Gary cooks off with a swim at jordanelle
2022-07-07 - Gary plays with a log in the creek
2022-07-06 - Gary checks the meadow holes
2022-07-05 - Gary's goopy eye
2022-07-04 - Gary gets carried across the last creek crossing of the trip
2022-07-03 - Gary watches Ryan climb up the last steep snow to gain the ridge
2022-07-02 - Gary on one of many river crossings, some quite terrifying
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