Inner toast.
2020-03-30 - Gary's shitfuck chute. Our brave puppy made it down after much coaxing
2020-03-30 - Gary's reef walk adventure
2020-03-28 - Gary enjoys the view from the Barr trail road in Capitol reef national Park
2020-03-27 - Gary gets a bike ride in the snow. It's a good Gary day
2020-03-26 - Gary goes on a slot canyon hike in the swell
2020-03-25 - Gary loves a snowy morning walk
2020-03-24 - Gary gets a selfie under duress
2020-03-23 - Gary keeps my slippers warm while I work
2020-03-22 - Gary on a pretty hike behind the U
2020-03-21 - Social distancing at the little Grand canyon
2020-03-20 - Another attack on the bath
2020-03-19 - Doggie hangout
2020-03-18 - Gary protests after getting a bath approximately 12 hours earlier
2020-03-17 - Gary is social distancing
2020-03-16 - Gary on his second jog after his toe injury
2020-03-15 - Gary stomps the snow on his first backyard walk in weeks
2020-03-14 - Gary goes for his first jog in 3 weeks and has no time to stop for pictures
2020-03-13 - Derpy nearly falls down the hill in the middle of a sno-wallow
2020-03-12 - The scan on Gary's toe nail seems gone. Time for a hike?
2020-03-11 - Tug is all Gary has
2020-03-10 - Still bored
2020-03-09 - Gary gets his foot bandage off
2020-03-08 - Gary begs to do anything. PLEASE ALL THAT IS HOLY. CAN WE DO SOMETHING
2020-03-07 - Boring block walks are slightly better with treats
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