Inner toast.
2021-04-13 - Gary gets a tour of the van electrical
2021-04-10 - Gary has fun running around on the steep snow up neffs canyon
2021-04-08 - Gary wanted to take a picture to send to his nanny who was having a medical procedure
2021-04-07 - Gary enjoys a nap in the cool grass
2021-04-06 - Gary hangs out in the van that had the radio installed
2021-04-05 - Gary taking full advantage of the quickly melting snow
2021-04-04 - Gary catching snowballs at the snowy belay spot at stripe rock
2021-04-03 - Heading to a climb at city of rocks
2021-04-02 - Come dig with me!
2021-03-31 - Gary runs ahead to eat some of the last remaining snow on the ridge
2021-03-30 - Gary honing in on his shepherd instincts looking over a man, child and dog from an overlook
2021-03-29 - Gary-stare willing me.to throw the stick
2021-03-28 - Gary won't go near Adrien bc of her bell notification
2021-03-27 - Gary taking off
2021-03-26 - Gary hikes the ridge with Phoebe
2021-03-25 - Superdog to the rescue!
2021-03-24 - Zippity doodah
2021-03-23 - Gary leads a bushwack from millcreek canyon road to the pipeline trail
2021-03-21 - Desert snooze
2021-03-18 - Gary's idea of a snow cone
2021-03-17 - Gary takes Jody for a jog to forget about his vet follow-up visit
2021-03-16 - Possibly first creek drink this year during a wintery mix run behind the U
2021-03-15 - Gary rolling in the snow on a ridge walk
2021-03-14 - Gary has a powder day in Porter fork!
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