Inner toast.
2020-07-13 - Gary wishes his people would turn on the air conditioner
2020-07-12 - Gary enjoys an ear scratch from Nate
2020-07-11 - Gary heads to his hole during the wild fire
2020-07-10 - Gary looks for that squirrel in Bob's yard
2020-07-09 - Gary hides again
2020-07-08 - Gary finds a comfy lookout spot where he can keep an eye on the pack
2020-07-07 - Weekend flashback - Gary imprisoned to prevent mosquito caused blood loss
2020-07-06 - Gary hides to get a break from swimming
2020-07-05 - Gary snoozes in the shade at mosquito wall crag
2020-07-04 - Gary and Ryan head up the ridge
2020-07-03 - Gary is stoked to be catching snowballs in the fresh mountain air
2020-07-02 - Weekend flash forward: Gary is excited about this fallen tree he considers a stick
2020-07-01 - Gary is forced into a selfie with Jody on a pre-work ride
2020-06-30 - Gary rests in the shower
2020-06-29 - Gary naps on the shady deck
2020-06-28 - Gary rolls a log
2020-06-27 - Turkey knecks the carpet wreck
2020-06-26 - Gary gets a drink on a morning bike ride
2020-06-25 - Gary interrupts Ryan's break on the new deck
2020-06-24 - Gary's morning walk
2020-06-23 - Gary's strongdog training workout
2020-06-22 - Gary's morning walk
2020-06-21 - Gary hides in Ryan's shade on a climbing day in Logan canyon
2020-06-20 - Gary snoozes amongst the deck building chaos
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