Inner toast.
2020-02-15 - Gary gets crazy eyed for meatloaf cake
2020-02-15 - Gary finds a comfy pothole to nap in after his bike ride
2020-02-14 - Gary is curious what the kitchen bitch is making
2020-02-13 - Gary opens his birthday present
2020-02-12 - Gary wonders where the snow went
2020-02-11 - Gary is excited to hit snow despite his sheople's desire to find dry trails
2020-02-10 - Gary wonders why Ryan is hiding under the truck
2020-02-09 - Gary takes a break to reset on his jog on antelope island after chasing a coyote and being put on the ground for it
2020-02-08 - Gary enjoys a romp in the foothills
2020-02-07 - Gary gets a Fri morning adventure wog with Spooner
2020-02-06 - Gary is ready to turn back on a jog on pipeline
2020-02-05 - Why the snowy face?
2020-02-04 - Gary cozies himself in a snowy nook to supervise shoveling
2020-02-03 - Gary swims up the stairs to dog out his hole
2020-02-02 - Look. Another hole. Surprising
2020-02-01 - Gary begs to be asked about his hole
2020-01-31 - Porter fork. Again
2020-01-30 - Gary goes snow-swimming
2020-01-29 - Gary in a rare front-seat-snuggle
2020-01-28 - Gary powder-swims to Ryan on the Porter fork skintrack
2020-01-27 - Tired Gary finds a cozy spot to curl up
2020-01-26 - Gary and Ryan on a jog on antelope island. The photographer could not keep up
2020-01-25 - Gary goes skiing with Rye and Spooner
2020-01-24 - Gary blends in to the landscape on pipeline
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