Inner toast.
2020-09-30 - Gary plays the leaf game hard
2020-09-29 - Gary has added a third hole to the herd
2020-09-28 - Gary enjoys the fall colors behind in the backyard
2020-09-27 - Gary suns himself near his hole
2020-09-26 - Gary stops for some stick play during a hike in the uintas
2020-09-25 - Gary at a lake in the Uintas
2020-09-24 - Gary goes for a bike ride
2020-09-23 - Gary gets a later morning walk
2020-09-22 - Gary enjoys the stairs
2020-09-21 - Herding dog neurosis in full effect
2020-09-20 - Gary digs. Always.
2020-09-19 - Gary in the fall leaves.
2020-09-18 - Gary gets his dig on. Again.
2020-09-17 - Back porch life. Now with more grass.
2020-09-16 - Suddenly fall
2020-09-15 - Gary is a handsome guy
2020-09-14 - Season change. Gary's regular morning walk
2020-09-13 - Gary watches Jody climb a route
2020-09-12 - Gary stops for no obstacle
2020-09-11 - Vacation flashback: Gary tears down the switchbacks on the Galena trails
2020-09-10 - Gary is confused by this different kind of hole
2020-09-09 - Another picture of Gary on a creek brake during a mountain bike ride
2020-09-08 - Gary investigates the downed tree that fell on Laiths (the neighbor across the street) house in the 99mph storm.
2020-09-07 - Gary was so tired after backpacking, he couldn't wake up for a piece of chicken.
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