1 Fern takes Gary on her walk
2 Gary gives Fern the evil eye
3 Gary on a walk
4 Gary is reunited with his sheople
5 Gary finds a good stick
6 Gary chills at echo canyon
7 Gary jogs behind Ryan on the ridge connector
8 Gary hangs out in his pirate shade cove at the crag
10 Whaaaat? I'm digging!
11 Gary enjoys the foliage into park city on a morning jog
12 Morning jog through the aspens
13 Pretty boy and foliage
14 Gary relaxes in the grease at silver glance lake
15 Gary on the unnamed peak above silver glance lake
16 Gary wants to play the leaf game
17 Gary napping in the scrub at the hot crag
18 Gary cozies up for the long drive
19 Gary hangs out at the bottom of a climb
20 Gary in the red rocks glow
21 Gary finds shade at the crag
22 Gary goes for a 12 mile jog in red rocks
23 Gary is stoked to find snow on the drive home from red rocks
24 Happy cold weather is here!
25 Digging holes in the wind
26 Gary on an afternoon ridge hike
27 Waiting to be praised for a hole checking job well done
28 Snow rolling on the first snowy jog this year
29 Gary snoozes in his bed
30 Gary sees his first elk of the season on a jog on the glenwild trails
31 Gary gets ready to scare and be scared by trick or treaters
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